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Welcome to our website! Campus Automated Rich Media Archiving (CARMA) is not currently recording new material, but we encourage you to browse our video collection.

We also have a number of resources for recording presentations that you might find useful. Find "Links & Resources" in the sidebar or click here.

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View Resource Cosmic Genesis: How Physics Drives the Structure of the Universe

"How do the laws of physics enforce the production of our universe and the subsequent formation of galaxies, stars, and planets, including some like our Earth? Starting with the laws of physics and...

View Resource How Do We Know the Big Bang Really Happened? Early Evidence.

"During the first half of the 20th century, astronomical observations and physics theory combined to suggest that the universe began in a hot, dense, nearly uniform state. It has been expanding and...

View Resource How Do We Know the Big Bang Really Happened? Case Closed.

"In physical science, theories are often tested by predicting observations yet to be made. Correct predictions, when tested against observation, are evidence supporting the validity of the theory. A...

View Resource Supermarket Biolog

Are you candy bar literate? Are Pop-Tarts high in sugar? Do you know anyone who is lactose-intolerant? Why is oil liquid and butter solid? You probably deal with more biological topics than you...

View Resource Automobile Efficiencies: Reducing Fuel Use while Improving Safety II

"Reducing the mass of motor vehicles is critical to improving their fuel economy. It is commonly accepted that lighter cars will be more dangerous. In the first talk, we will examine technologies...

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