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Welcome to our website! Campus Automated Rich Media Archiving (CARMA) is not currently recording new material, but we encourage you to browse our video collection.

We also have a number of resources for recording presentations that you might find useful. Find "Links & Resources" in the sidebar or click here.

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View Resource Scientific Uncertainty and Public Policy: Moving on Without All the Answers

"One frequently hears scientific uncertainty offered up as an excuse to avoid making important public policy decisions. We will hear about sources of uncertainty, both real and 'manufactured', and...

View Resource Mars and the Evolution of Thought

"Once the gods fought in our heavens; now we see the orderly progress of stars. Once the night sky harbored our enemies; now we see planets as resources for the taking. This lecture will consider how...

View Resource Evolution of Robotics

"Take a look at how an industrial robot works, and how it has evolved with improvements in processing power and control technology. See how robotic technologies are being used in telepresence and...

View Resource How Old: The Physics of Dating Artifacts

"Documenting the course of evolution depends on the accurate dating and sequencing of ancient artifacts. Physics has provided some of the primary techniques for doing this, in particular radioactive...

View Resource Natural Selection and the Regulation of Defense Responses: How Much Suffering is Enough?

"If natural selection is so great, then why is life so full of pain, cough, nausea, fever, anxiety and fatigue? A signal detection analysis reveals it is for the same reason that smoke detectors...

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