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Welcome to our website! Campus Automated Rich Media Archiving (CARMA) is not currently recording new material, but we encourage you to browse our video collection.

We also have a number of resources for recording presentations that you might find useful. Find "Links & Resources" in the sidebar or click here.

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ITS (Information Technology Services)

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African Studies Center

Center for Afro-American and African Studies

Center for Global Health

View Resource Vision for the center for global health

Lecture by candidate for Director of the Center for Global Health.

View Resource Post Graduate Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ghana Improves Retention and Maternal Health

"Timothy R. Johnson, MD, FACOG Chair and Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical School; Professor of Women�s Studies; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Bates Professor of Disease...

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

CMENAS (Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies)

Division of Kinesiology

Eisenberg Institute

Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

History of Art Department

Institute for the Humanities

View Resource Measure of the Heart: Creative Caregiving

"In 2005, Mary Ellen Geist, an accomplished and respected career person, left her high-powered radio job in New York City to return home to Michigan to care for her father, who is suffering from...

International Institute

Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research

View Resource Day One Part I

Welcome-ICPSR Introductions & Participant Research Questions-James Griffin Overview of Study-James Griffin Schedule of Data Collection-Bonnie Knoke Demographic Data-Bob Bradley

View Resource Day One Part II

Family Data-Margaret Owen Orientation to using the Data and Documentation-Bonnie Knoke

View Resource Day One Part III

Data Documentation: Hands-on Training-Bonnie Knoke

View Resource Day One Part IV

Data Orientation: Merging Data Files-Robert Corwyn Child Care Data-Margaret Owen

View Resource Day One Part V

Secondary Data Analysis - Peg Burchinal

View Resource Day One Part VI

NICHD Funding Opportunities-James Griffin

View Resource Day Three

Analytic Strategies-Renate Houts and Peg Burchinal

View Resource Day Two Part I

Social Data-Martha Cox Peer Data-Martha Cox Cognitive Data-Dan Keating

View Resource Day Two Part II

School Data-Renate Houts Out-of-school Data-Bob Bradley Health Data-Bob Bradley

View Resource Day Two Part III

Stats Presentation: Control Variables-Renate Houts

Medical School Project Team

Office of the Vice President for Research

View Resource FDA Regulations - An Overview of FDA Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities and One Institution's Approach to Providing Assistance to Help Ease the Burden

"Representatives from the FDA will provide an overview of investigator responsibilities for conducting clinical trials involving investigational drugs and/or devices. The University of...

Physics Department

Provost's Office

View Resource A Global Presence and Impact: What? Why? How?

"Jim Woolliscroft, Dean of Medical School Internationalization and the Health Fields"

Rackham Fellows Office

School of Public Health

View Resource "An Ethics Enigma? Consent, Privacy, Return of Results and Whole Genome Research Keynote"

"Timothy Caulfield has been Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta, since 1993. In 2001 he received a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. He is also a...

View Resource "Caught in the Crossfire: The Politics, Policy and Science of Protecting Healthcare Workers"

"Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, Professor, Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School of Hygiene, Johns...

View Resource "Commentary on An Ethics Enigma? Consent, Privacy, Return of Results and Whole Genome Research"

"Dr. Kardia's main research interests are in the genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. She is particularly interested in gene-environment and gene-gene interactions and...

View Resource "Discussion: An Ethics Enigma? Consent, Privacy, Return of Results and Whole Genome Research"

"Dr. Timothy Caulfield and Dr. Sharon Kardia answer audience questions and discuss issues related to ethics and privacy. Moderator: Wendy Uhlmann, Adult Medical Genetics Clinic; UM Medical School"

View Resource "Lock 'Em Up - Mass Incarcerations, Health and Human Rights"

"Josiah D. Rich, MD, MPH, is Professor of Medicine and Community Health, Brown University Medical School and Director of The Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights at The Miriam Hospital"

View Resource "Scientific perspective: Bloodspots, storage, and the promise of genetic research"

"Jim Resau, PhD Van Andel Institute, Deputy Director for Special Programs, Division Director of Quantitative Sciences, and Distinguished Scientific Investigator"

View Resource "The Politics of Sex, Rights, and Freedom in Contemporary Anti-Trafficking Campaigns"

"Elizabeth Bernstein is Assistant Professor of Sociology, Columbia University"

View Resource "Thomas Francis, Jr. and his Contributions to the Public's Health"

"Howard Markel, MD, PhD, George E. Wantz Distinguished Professor of the History of Medicine; Professor of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases; Professor of Psychiatry; Professor of History;...

View Resource "Thomas Francis, Jr. Memorial Lecture - The Francis Legacy in the 21st Century"

"Arnold S. Monto, MD, Thomas Francis Jr. Collegiate Professor of Epidemiology, University of Michigan School of Public Health "

View Resource "Welcome, Health and Human Rights - Concepts, Practices and Impacts"

"Introduction and Welcome by Siob�n D. Harlow, Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health, University of Michigan. Sofia Gruskin, JD, MIA, is Associate Professor of Health and...

SNRE (School of Natural Resources and Environment)

Southeast Asian Studies Department

UMHS (University of Michigan Health System)

University Library

University of Michigan

Web Lecture Archive Project at the University of Michigan