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We also have a number of resources for recording presentations that you might find useful. Find "Links & Resources" in the sidebar or click here.

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ITS (Information Technology Services)

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African Studies Center

View Resource Engaging Africa Advancing African Studies

U-M African Studies Center Launch Symposium

Center for Afro-American and African Studies

Center for Global Health

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

CMENAS (Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies)

View Resource "Influence, Hybridization, or Transculturation? Muslims, Jews and Christians in the Music of Medieval Spain"

"Dwight Reynolds is Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and his central interests...

View Resource Freedom and Blasphemy: On Indonesian Press Bans and Danish Cartoons

"Part of the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies/Near Eastern Studies colloquium ""Religion and the Subversive."""

Division of Kinesiology

Eisenberg Institute

View Resource "Economic Systems, Colonization and the Production of Difference: Thinking Through Southern New Zealand"

"This lecture examines the complex connections between environment, economic systems, and understandings of cultural difference. It uses a particular space - the southern part of New Zealand that was...

View Resource A Pedagogic Revolution: Early English Culinary Texts and the Common Reader

"Cookbooks were among the first mass-market texts in english to describe their intended readership and to design pedagogical strategies to attract that readership. In the late 17th and 18th centuries...

Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

View Resource "Between Self and Other: Displacement, Dislocation, and Deferral in Dovid Bergelson's Mides ha-din and Alfred D�blin's Reise in Polen"

"Between Self and Other: Displacement, Dislocation, and Deferral in Dovid Bergelson's Mides ha-din and Alfred D�blin's Reise in Polen"

View Resource "Communism, Publishing, and Paths to Polishness in Postwar Warsaw - A Case Study"

"This talk explores paths of integration among surviving Polish Jews who remained in Poland after the Holocaust and the obstacles they encountered along that path, focusing on a case study of ten...

View Resource "Dos Pintele Yod - Hebrew Orthography, the Play of Ethics, and the Jewish Mystical Imagination"

"The Rabbinic tradition, especially its mystical streams, is language intoxicated. The world is said to be created through the permutation of letters; Hebrew letters are said to ""contain souls,...

View Resource "Language Use and Choice Among Jews in Poland, 1860-1939"

"The Jews of eastern Europe were famously polyglot, but what did it mean for them to �know� and �use� language? And which social groups―men, women, ""religious"" Jews, ""secular"" Jews,...

View Resource "The Stuff of Generational Tension: Expressionism, Materialism, and Jewish Self-Hatred"

"Paul Reitter is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University Paul's first book The Anti-Journalist is a study of the Viennese critic and...

View Resource "Torah for the Masses, Books for Sale: Yiddish Bibles in Amsterdam"

"The lecture tells the story of two Yiddish integral Bible translations, both of which were published in Amsterdam in 1678/9 and 1679. Initially working on one translation project, the two...

View Resource A Genealogy of Violence in Modern Hebrew Culture

"Tsoffar's current work focuses on mythological hunger and excessive feeding in the ideologically saturated language, texts, and bodies of Israeli culture. ""This talk explores a specific, and...

View Resource Dangerous Images: The Jewish Idol Polemic and Constructions of Material Alterity

Jason vonEhrenkrook is a 2009-2010 postdoctoral fellow in the Frankel Institute. His latest work is �Jewish Statues: How Jews �Used� Free-standing Sculpture in Greco-Roman Antiquity�

View Resource Judeo-Arabic: The Language of Arabic-Speaking Jews

"Judeo-Arabic is a religiolect that has been spoken and written in various forms by Jews throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Judeo-Arabic literature deals for the most part with Jewish topics, and...

View Resource Launching the Historical Jewish Press Website: A Discussion of Six Years' Work to Rescue 200 Years of Printed History

"The Historical Jewish Press website ( contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. It displays digital versions of...

History of Art Department

Institute for the Humanities

View Resource Come Back Africa (1959): From America to Africa and Back Again

"Litheko Modisane explores one of the icons of South African cinema by American independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin, made in collaboration with Sophiatown intellectuals Lewis Nkosi, Bloke Modisane,...

View Resource Caught in the Act: Spells and Imagery of Erotic Magic in 17th-Century Russia

"The evil deeds and sexual depravity of witches fascinated visual artists in early modern Western and Central Europe during the time of the witch trials, and a lurid array of paintings, drawings, and...

View Resource Concerning Contemporary African Art: A Critique and Variations on a Theme

"Atta Kwami comments on contemporary and historical art practice in Africa and beyond in order to share knowledge and understanding of ideas and methods of research relevant to his work. As he...

View Resource The Government of God and the Economics of Moses: Painting the Exodus in the Age of Reform in Britain

"During the 1820s three British artists made monumental paintings based on the biblical narrative of the Israelite exodus from Egypt. John Martin, Francis Danby, and David Roberts each created...

View Resource "Children as Spoils of War: Displaced Children, Ethnic Cleansing, and International Humanitarianism in Twentieth-Century Europe"

"Tara Zahra is an Assistant Professor of East European History at the University of Chicago In the twentieth century, the loss and recovery of children was central to the experiences of war and...

View Resource "The Shakespearean Circle: Lawyers, Literary Criticism, and Professional Self-Fashioning in Late Imperial Russia"

"Yana Arnold specializes in Slavic Languages and Literatures This talk explores the literary activities of Russian lawyers within the Shakespearean circle, a literary body which was founded by the...

View Resource We Are Exactly What We Seem - Notes on Interpreting a Black Property Rights Movement

"Drawing from his research on mid-twentieth century South Florida and the broader Jim Crow South, Nathan Connolly demonstrates how the history of black property rights revises several assumptions...

View Resource "Animals, Mothers, and Medieval France"

"In medieval France, as in medieval Europe more generally, writers maintain a rigid boundary between the animal and the human even as they constantly interrogate it. Stories about werewolves and...

View Resource "Trusting Masters, Faithful Captives - Ransom and Credit in the Early-Modern Mediterranean"

"This talk examines the problem of trust and trade across the sea in the context of captivity and ransom in early-modern North Africa. Scholars have assumed that in seventeenth-century Spain, ransom...

View Resource The Book as Such in the Russian Avant-Garde

"Since the 1970s, scholarship on the historical avant-gardes has extended well beyond painting to encompass the illustrated book and other forms of print media. Yet modernist studies still pays...

International Institute

View Resource "Zoology, Anthropology and Theories of Racial Science: The Worcester Collection of Photographs in the Early American Colonial Philippines"

"Charles Sullivan, Program Coordinator for South and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East Centers, International Institute, University of Michigan"

Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research

Medical School Project Team

Office of the Vice President for Research

Physics Department

Provost's Office

Rackham Fellows Office

School of Public Health

SNRE (School of Natural Resources and Environment)

View Resource Appropriate Technologies for Africa

"Welcoming remarks by: Kelly Askew, Director, African Studies Center/Associate Professor, Anthropology, U-M Samuel Mukasa, Chair and Professor, Geological Sciences, U-M Professor Musaazi is...

View Resource The Challenges of Combining the Social with the Ecological

"Welcoming remarks by: Lester Monts, Senior Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs, U-M Phil Hanlon, Vice-Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs/Provost Designate, U-M Ken Kollman, Acting Director,...

View Resource Science and Technology Policy Priorities and Opportunities in the Obama Administration

"Dr. Holdren is assistant to President Obama for Science and Technology and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Welcome by Rosina Bierbaum, Dean of the School of...

Southeast Asian Studies Department

View Resource Buddhism in Southeast Asia

Buddhism in Southeast Asia (Thailand)

View Resource Catholicism in the Philippines

Catholicism in the Philippines.

View Resource Islam and Politics in Indonesia

Islam and Politics in Indonesia.

View Resource The Economics of Southeast Asia

The Economics of Southeast Asia.

View Resource The Southeast Asian City

The Southeast Asian City.

View Resource The State of Democracy in Southeast Asia

From Rice to Chips: Making a Living in Southeast Asia.

UMHS (University of Michigan Health System)

University Library

View Resource A Think Fast History of the Horror Film

It's that time of year when everyone loves a scary movie! Join librarian and horror fan Harold Tuckett for a rapid fire journey through the history of the horror film. Film clips included!

View Resource The Peace Corps - A True Story

Donna McCauley will talk about her 8 months in Africa.

View Resource Fossil Hunting in Michigan

"The state of Michigan is rich in fossil resources. Michigan�s ancient history included a lot of time underwater. It also spent time buried under miles of moving ice. Learn a little about these...

View Resource Remix Music - A Short History

"Melissa Levine, a copyright specialist, talks about the history of remix music and mashup culture."

University of Michigan

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