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Welcome to our website! Campus Automated Rich Media Archiving (CARMA) is not currently recording new material, but we encourage you to browse our video collection.

We also have a number of resources for recording presentations that you might find useful. Find "Links & Resources" in the sidebar or click here.

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View Resource "Between Self and Other: Displacement, Dislocation, and Deferral in Dovid Bergelson's Mides ha-din and Alfred D�blin's Reise in Polen"

"Between Self and Other: Displacement, Dislocation, and Deferral in Dovid Bergelson's Mides ha-din and Alfred D�blin's Reise in Polen"

View Resource "Communism, Publishing, and Paths to Polishness in Postwar Warsaw - A Case Study"

"This talk explores paths of integration among surviving Polish Jews who remained in Poland after the Holocaust and the obstacles they encountered along that path, focusing on a case study of ten...

View Resource "Dos Pintele Yod - Hebrew Orthography, the Play of Ethics, and the Jewish Mystical Imagination"

"The Rabbinic tradition, especially its mystical streams, is language intoxicated. The world is said to be created through the permutation of letters; Hebrew letters are said to ""contain souls,...

View Resource "Language Use and Choice Among Jews in Poland, 1860-1939"

"The Jews of eastern Europe were famously polyglot, but what did it mean for them to �know� and �use� language? And which social groups―men, women, ""religious"" Jews, ""secular"" Jews,...

View Resource "The Stuff of Generational Tension: Expressionism, Materialism, and Jewish Self-Hatred"

"Paul Reitter is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University Paul's first book The Anti-Journalist is a study of the Viennese critic and...

View Resource "Torah for the Masses, Books for Sale: Yiddish Bibles in Amsterdam"

"The lecture tells the story of two Yiddish integral Bible translations, both of which were published in Amsterdam in 1678/9 and 1679. Initially working on one translation project, the two...

View Resource A Genealogy of Violence in Modern Hebrew Culture

"Tsoffar's current work focuses on mythological hunger and excessive feeding in the ideologically saturated language, texts, and bodies of Israeli culture. ""This talk explores a specific, and...

View Resource Dangerous Images: The Jewish Idol Polemic and Constructions of Material Alterity

Jason vonEhrenkrook is a 2009-2010 postdoctoral fellow in the Frankel Institute. His latest work is �Jewish Statues: How Jews �Used� Free-standing Sculpture in Greco-Roman Antiquity�

View Resource Jewish Language Politics

Jewish Language Politics

View Resource Judeo-Arabic: The Language of Arabic-Speaking Jews

"Judeo-Arabic is a religiolect that has been spoken and written in various forms by Jews throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Judeo-Arabic literature deals for the most part with Jewish topics, and...