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"In this lecture Professor Dubois presents the broad outlines of his new book Haiti: The Aftershocks of History, which seeks to explain how internal conflicts and external pressures have shaped state and society in Haiti since its independence in 1804. The work interprets Haitian history by focusing on the struggle over the meaning of freedom in the post-slavery society, and highlights the history of democratic movements within the country in an effort to understand and analyze their failure to transform the state. It also seeks to provide a broad historical analysis of the causes of poverty in Haiti. The talk, in it�s broadest sense, emphasizes the vitality and necessity of returning to history in order to comprehend and confront Haiti�s present and future. Introduction by Ron Suny, Director of the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies Laurent Dubois is Professor of French Studies and History at Duke University and a leading expert on Haitian history and culture. His books include Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France (University of California Press, forthcoming spring 2010), Slave Revolution in the Caribbean, 1789-1804: A Brief History With Documents (with John Garrigus; 2006), and Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution (2004)."
Presentation Date 2010-09-23
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