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"The Jews of eastern Europe were famously polyglot, but what did it mean for them to �know� and �use� language? And which social groups―men, women, ""religious"" Jews, ""secular"" Jews, to name only a few ―used which language and when? This talk surveys language use as an indicator of social, ideological, and other changes among the Jews of Poland from roughly the second half of the 19th century until WWII. In particular, it focuses on the languages of schooling and newspapers, the two most significant vehicles of mass culture, and the emergence of both secular and traditionalist Jewish cultures in multiple languages. Kalman Weiser is the Silber Family Professor of Modern Jewish Studies at York University in Toronto. He is the co-editor of Czernowitz: the First Yiddish Language Conference in Historical Perspective (2010) and the author of Jewish People, Yiddish Nation: Noah Prylucki and the Folksparty in Poland, also to appear in 2010."
Presentation Date 2010-07-10
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Classification University of Michigan -- Frankel Center for Judaic Studies -- 2010-11 Public Colloquia Series
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