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"Communism, Publishing, and Paths to Polishness in Postwar Warsaw - A Case Study"

"This talk explores paths of integration among surviving Polish Jews who remained in Poland after the Holocaust and the obstacles they encountered along that path, focusing on a case study of ten Jewish families who were neighbors in a building in postwar Warsaw. Identifications of the generation of survivors and their children in these families were shaped by contradictory influences: on one hand, the parents� work for publishing institutions associated with the postwar Communist government, which distanced them from most of non-Jewish society; and on the other hand, their immersion in the Polish word through their publishing work. This history helps to explain the revival of Jewish communal life in contemporary Poland. Karen Auerbach is a postdoctoral fellow in the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies. Last year she was a visiting fellow at the University of Southampton in England and previously taught at Brown and Virginia Tech universities. Karen is currently completing a manuscript based on her dissertation titled �A Window on Warsaw: The Jewish Families of 16 Ujazdowskie Avenue after the Holocaust.� She is also editing a volume of articles on Jewish emigration from postwar Eastern Europe, which will be published as a double issue of the UK-based journal Jewish Culture and History. At the request of the presenter, this recording is temporarily unavailable for internet viewing."
Presentation Date 2010-10-28
Start Time 12:17:07
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Classification University of Michigan -- Frankel Center for Judaic Studies -- 2010-11 Public Colloquia Series
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