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"Economic Systems, Colonization and the Production of Difference: Thinking Through Southern New Zealand"

"This lecture examines the complex connections between environment, economic systems, and understandings of cultural difference. It uses a particular space - the southern part of New Zealand that was known as 'Murihiku' - to explore how ecology, technology, and resource use framed the very different economies of the region's Maori communities and its later Anglo-Celtic colonists. It also demonstrates the ways in which these later colonists and the colonial state used these divergent economic orders to justify the dispossession and marginalization of Maori. This case study serves as a basis for a broader set of reflections on how both British imperial and world historians have grappled with the connections between race and economics. Tony Ballantyne is Professor of South Asian and Colonial history at University of Otago, New Zealand"
Presentation Date 2010-02-12
Start Time 16:06:00
Duration 1:43:00
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Classification University of Michigan -- Eisenberg Institute -- The Thursday Series Fall 2010
Tape Label 2010-12-02 Eisenberg Inst
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