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"Part of the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies/Near Eastern Studies colloquium ""Religion and the Subversive."" In this lecture, we survey the variety of medieval uses of original material in polemical writing, especially in the twelfth to fifteenth centuries in the Iberian Peninsula and Maghreb, with specific attention to odd variations on the standard patterns including the Christian citation of Qur'anic material against Jews in Judeo-Arabic script, the Hebrew translation of Christian Gospels, and the fictional fabrication of sources and polemicists on all sides as a strategy in inter-religious debate."
Presentation Date 2008-11-17
Start Time 12:10:30
Duration 0:48:26
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Classification University of Michigan -- Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies -- 2008 Fall Colloquium
Tape Label 2008-11-17 CMENAS
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