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"The Stuff of Generational Tension: Expressionism, Materialism, and Jewish Self-Hatred"

"Paul Reitter is Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University Paul's first book The Anti-Journalist is a study of the Viennese critic and satirist Karl Kraus. It was published last year by the University of Chicago Press, and has been reviewed to date in The Forward, The German Quarterly, H-Net, The New York Review of Books (, and the Times Literary Supplement, which named The Anti-Journalist one of the best books of 2008. Currently, Paul is working on a monograph-length reckoning with the topic of Jewish self-hatred�to be published by Princeton University Press�as well as a translation of Salomon Maimon's brilliant and scabrous autobiography. His articles and essays have appeared in such forums as Jewish Social Studies, The German Quarterly, Harper's Magazine, The Nation, and the TLS."
Presentation Date 2010-08-04
Start Time 12:08:40
Duration 1:09:16
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Classification University of Michigan -- Frankel Center for Judaic Studies -- Winter 2010 Colloquia
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